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Beat Global Warming was established as a partner in the GEA@275 project, and is a nonprofit environmental organisation located in Kristiansand, Norway. By supporting us, you are involved in expanding the GEA@275 Project. The research project aim to test the hypothesis that marine snow can be used as a controlled drawdown method to remove atmospheric CO2. The controlled initiation of marine snow in the Southern ocean could remove up to 20% of the world's annual CO2 emissions.  


According to the latest IPCC report, we must reduce the world's annual emissions with 45% by 2030, to reach the 1,5°C (2,7 degrees Fahrenheit) goal set in the Paris Agreement. We can reach the set goal only if we remove atmospheric Carbon dioxide (CO2), and drastically reduce the burning of fossil fuels. As you see, marine snow could really help us beat global warming.

The GEA@275 Project is also an ocean conservation effort, because increased carbon dioxide level in the ocean causes ocean acidification, which threatens marine life. Marine snow is oceans mechanism to remove CO2 from the water column and store it on the sea floor. 

In order to further the GEA@275 Project, we are seeking funds from all citizens and businesses interested in developing and testing the potential of controlled initiation of marine snow. We also need people's support and social licence to continue the research project.



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